IT Outsourcing

What is IT Department?

The Information Technology (IT) department manages the technology and computer infrastructure that drives an organization’s business systems. The IT department is also known as Management Information Systems (MIS or IS) department.

It is staffed with technically qualified professionals that support the organization in the business areas:


Most processes in Business units is run by end-users using their desktop PC. When the users face any errors or problem they contact IT for the support . Usually the IT staff try to assist user over the phone or visit his/her office for assistance .


All computers whether desktops, notebooks , or peripherals installation or fixing the hardware errors is an essential part of the IT department


Networks starting from installing the UTP cables to Face plates , installation of Fire Walls , building securities of the Internet and defining Servers policies is part of Network Management .


The IT is also responsible of configuring and install all technology systems to the business such as VOIP telephones , Emails and Faxing systems .


Managing the Business main ERP system and to co ordinate between different departments needs and the system capabilities to ensure the business is running smoothly


The IT department is responsible of defining what is needed to keep the business operating with latest technology at most economical cost .

Why do you need IT?

The IT department is needed in any business to supervise the technological systems and hardware that keeps the business running.

IT Job Tasks :

  • End-User Support Computers and Peripherals Management
  • Network Management Communications
  • ERP Systems
  • Planning

Including above tasks the IT will also do the below being part of the processes

  • Minimum Down time as the Technical staff is available within premises
  • Decrease Idle time as employees will have the support immediately Improve the use of technology
  • Increasing the production as specialized technical persons will handle technology issues .
  • Ensure Data recovery and Backups
  • Increase time frame for assets purchased through proper maintenance and planned maintenance schedule .
Why Outsource IT?

IT is a critical function in the business and is different from its scope of work , therefore outsourcing the IT function would lessen the efforts in running the business.

Advantages of OUTSOURCING the IT Function

Improved Cost Management Controls

  • IT costs becomes fixed per month and could be budgeted
  • The services can be identified by expertise in the field
  • The Outsourcing of IT could benefit the business of external experience gained by specialists from other businesses

Improved Service Quality

  • The Outsourcing co. will make sure that the business is running smoothly
  • The Outsourcing co. will drive the business technology aspect at its best knowledge
  • Being another party the Outsourcing co. and staff will work their at most to please customer
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA) can be established


  • IT staff will be the responsibility of the Outsourcing co.
  • IT consultants are fully trained and exposed on the latest technologies
  • Tracking staff and department needs is not any more business distraction
  • IT support depends on a specialized co. rather than key employee

Equipment and Software/Tools

  • The outsourcing co. has a standard knowledge for equipment and software required
  • The outsourcing co. has the knowledge of vendors that would improve the quality of work

Client Can Focus On Core Business Competencies

  • The business management can concentrate on the core of the business rather than concentrating on IT and its technological issues